Why Choose Fusion Dance Academy?

At Fusion Dance Academy, we truly care about your child and we love the relationships we build with our students. We are invested in your child and what they are learning and strive and pledge to be positive role models and positive influences in their growing lives.  All of our teachers are passionate about the art of dance and take their job as dance educator and role model very seriously.


What we offer:

Fusion Dance Academy offers professional dance training in a professional facility as well as a caring family friendly environment. Our studio is neat, clean and well equipped with cushioned dance floors, sound systems, ballet barres, mirrors,  lighting, mats and colorful and fun apparatus for our dancers ages 18 months to 6 years.


We understand that it is difficult to know if a dance studio is teaching quality training,  and providing a well-equipped facility to prevent injury.  We hope that the following information will be helpful and informational for you while you are choosing a dance studio.

  • Affordable pricing with professional training

  • Family-oriented atmosphere

  • Highly qualified and trained instructors (credentials a MUST)

  • Boys receive a 50% tuition discount

  • Nutcracker opportunities

  • Convenient location (downtown Dover across from Dover delight)

  • Sibling and family discounts

  • Observation windows in all dance rooms  for parents to see their child’s progress

  • Professional dance floors, sound systems and special lighting

  • Special events like Halloween parties, Summer Camps and more

  • Full wall of mirrors and barres in each dance room

  • Classes for the recreational to the professional dancer

  • Small class size

  • Three convenient dressing rooms

  • Front desk for customer questions

Why is a professional dance floor important and what type of floor do we use?

Fusion Dance Academy has a professional flooring system in all three of our dance rooms made with cushioned sub-floors and a top-floor. Two of our rooms use a flex marley top floor and the other a hard wood.  A cushioned or sprung dance floor extremely important in any dance studio. Since jumping is a major part of dancing, if done consistently on a hard or cement floor, it can cause injury or long term physical problems in the hips, knees, shins, ankles and feet.  A  sub-floor is made of foam pads under plywood to allow the floor to give on impact and sink slightly with the dancer as he/she lands from a jump. The Marley top-floor is a vinyl overlay that functions as the actual dance surface, and is not slippery. This is especially important once dancers reach the advanced level of ballet and are dancing on pointe.

Why is it so important to have dance studio mirrors?

From a dancers point of view, there are a number of positive reasons why having dance mirrors fitted in their dance studio is important.  The mirror provides dancers with immediate visual feedback and is helpful in self-correction. It allows them to evaluate the height, shape, and line of their movement, and to adjust their placement.    Teachers use mirrors to evaluate and correct their students while leading a class.   Dance mirrors also help with positioning and placement in formation when dancing in a group.   Many dancers feel that the mirror is crucial for their success and serves as an important tool for technique training.


Why is it important to have barres in a dance studio?

Ballet barres are key to a dancers strength and stability. By improving strength at the barre and it will improve a dancers strength in their overall technique. No dancer can expect to do all the showy and virtuoso ballet moves if the basic technique is not in place. The ballet barre is the primary place to refine a dancers strength.


What type of training do we offer?

Since proper dance technique is extremely important, correct technique must be taught from the beginning of a dancer’s training through the advanced level to prevent possible injury from executing dance movements incorrectly. We teach all of our classes with the focus of emphasizing technique, while still teaching artistry in dance all while having FUN of course. We teach about the body and how it works with movement.


What is your curriculum and class size like?

Here at Fusion Dance Academy we have fine-tuned our curriculum for all ages and levels over the past 17 years creating a perfect blend of technique which focuses on personal development and challenges our dancers. Our youngest dancers have a fabulous time in class with their teachers. At the same time they are learning an incredible amount of terminology and technique without even realizing it.

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