Your health and safety are our priority!

*We will follow all recommended state and CDC cleaning, disinfecting and operating guidelines in an effort to keep all within our facility safe!


* All staff will be trained in our COVID-19 procedures before returning to the studio.

Also, the following changes will be made to our facility to create a healthy and safe environment for our dancers:

-Floors in all studios will be marked with a 6 foot safety space for each dancer and teacher.  

-Touch less Soap and paper towel dispensers have been installed in our bathroom.

- Sanitizer stations  will be located at the front entrance, one at the end of the hall near studio A and another between studio's B and C.

* HEPA air purifiers throughout the studio.

To ensure the safety of our families, students and staff, the following Covid-19 procedures have been put in place until further notice.


 COVID-19 Operating Procedures

General Procedures for Attendance

● Dancers must be registered for the intended class at least 48 hours before the class starts. Only registered dancers are allowed in the studios.  A limited number of dancers will be allowed in our space so unfortunately we will not be allowing trials or observations at this time.

● All class registration and payment transactions need to be done online prior to attending classes today.  Because we have limited space this year, any dancers with a balance will be dropped from class and will not be permitted to enter the building.

● Arrive on time for your class, wait in your vehicle until a teacher or staff member tells you it’s time to enter the building. If you are late and your class has already entered the building you will not be able to attend that day, *No make-up class, discount, or refund will be permitted.

● Do not enter the building if you are not feeling well or you’ve been in contact with any person diagnosed with Covid 19.

● Due to the current guidelines our waiting room, changing areas and one of our two bathrooms will be CLOSED until further notice. 

● Parents with dancers age 5 and over will not be able to enter the building, only drop off will be permitted due to current state guidelines.  Dancers ages 2-4 may have only 1 adult enter the building with a mask and will be required to maintain social distancing. We will have a designated area with 6 spots marked off.

● Anyone entering the building must be wearing a mask and follow social distancing protocols at all times.


● A faculty or staff member will greet students at the front door and will be required to take each student’s temperature with a touch-less thermometer and have them sanitize their hands with our touch-less hand sanitizing dispenser. If anyone entering the building has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, they will not be allowed to enter the building.


● Hand sanitizer must be used by students, faculty and anyone else entering the building at our touch-less hand sanitizing stations when entering and exit the building.  


● All dancers will enter and exit through the main front door. Parents must arrive 15 minutes prior to ensure they are onsite for pick up to ensure our faculty members can get back to their classrooms to sanitize the studio for their next class.  Unfortunately, if you can not pick your child up on time, we can not keep them in class..


● Dancers are only allowed to bring dance shoes, a water bottle and a few snacks if they have multiple classes.  We ask that they only bring a small back back or duffle bag to hold their items if need be.   

● Masks must be worn when not actively engaged in physical activity where a mask may make it difficult to breathe. Exceptions to this policy on mask use are outlined in the CDC guidance below, and includes younger children who may not be compliant with mask use or to whom masks may pose a health risk.


● At the time of online registration, all families will be required to electronically sign a COVID-19 Liability Waiver.   

Class Procedures


● Once your teacher has taken you into your studio they will choose one of the assigned dancer spaces to put their belongings.   

● Floors in all studios will be marked for 6ft social distancing.   Please remind your dancers they must stay in their own private square prior to each class. No hand holding, high fives or hugging in class.


● Each assigned box has been set to keep the dancers at the recommended 6 feet apart. Across the floor activities will be limited  to the following to ensure maintaining appropriate social distance at all times.:

- Lining up on the designated 6 feet apart floor markings. 

- Going across only two at a time or 1 person at a time if needed.


● Dancers and teachers will wear a mask to enter or exit the building and all common area including hallways, bathrooms and the lobby.  The only time we will be permitted to remove masks will be during class time.  Dancers may elect to wear masks during class if they’d like.  But again, masks may be removed only while class is in session.


● Students will only be allowed to use the restroom one at a time but to help us manage our classes, we are strongly encouraging our dancers use a bathroom if possible before arriving at the studio.


● If a dancer needs to use the restroom they will be required to  wear their mask and sanitize their hands before returning to  the studio.  The teacher will open the door and it will remain open until the student has returned. 


● If a dancer has a class immediately following they will then be brought to a chair in a designated waiting area that we have marked off where they will sit 6 feet apart from others and must remain there until their teacher greets them to bring them to their next class. Our hallways and rooms will all have social distance markings.


● Props for our younger classes will be excluded completely during this time.


● When class has ended students will put their mask on and their teacher will walk them out to the lobby.  From there they will be asked to use sanitize their hands and exit to the parking lot to meet their parent.  Again, we cannot stress enough how important it is to arrive on time  when picking up your child as  our teachers have only  a short window to prepare for the next group of dancers arriving. 


Our Cleaning Procedures 

We will follow all disinfecting product’s guidance to make sure surfaces are cleaned and disinfected properly. We will have a disinfecting checklist to make sure all surfaces and areas are disinfected during and after business hours.

During studio hours, all frequently touched surfaces and common areas will be disinfected every two hours per state guidelines if not more.

Between each class we will have a 15 minute window to thoroughly sanitized the dance room and also to accommodate traffic control regulations in the hallways and to ensure studios are sanitized properly between classes. 

Each night the building will be cleaned and disinfected.

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